Plan Carefully & Focus On Your Goals (Part 4 of 9)

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So many people ask me how I can get so much done in a day.

One person I have to thank for helping me achieve so much is Dan Kennedy.

He calls it being aware of the ‘Time Vampires’.

All they do is ‘Suck Success Out of Your Life’…

Are you going to continue letting them ruin your life?

Or are you ready for a better quality of life?

Every night just before I sleep I plan out my day ahead…

It takes me just a few minutes,

But helps me focus my mind before I sleep…

Often what I write is the same as the day before with a few tweaks…

And now I’m in a peaceful mode I ask myself…

Did I achieve what I wanted today?

We all get so distracted, each and every day…

Yes, it’s hard to keep focus…

But if you never work on improving your focus, days will blend into months, then years,

And before you know it, 10 years have passed…

Do you know that feeling?

And you’re still where you were before,

Having achieved very little…


When you know what you want, then you can plan for it.

The planning part is crucial…

You need to write your goals down clearly – about what you want and how you’re gonna achieve them.

Start with your BIGGEST goal – the one which will change your life the most…

Visualize Your Plan

After you have made YOUR plan, you should try your best to visualize it.

Have a look at your wants again, close your eyes and visualize yourself achieving them.

Get used to the feeling of how it feels now you have achieved your dream.

Doesn’t it sound awesome?

Doesn’t it feel awesome?

Try engage all your senses!

What can you smell when you visualize achieving your biggest goal?

Can you smell fresh coffee as you lie beside a luxury swimming pool?


Keep this as your motivation and move towards achieving your goals.


Organize by Priority – The A-B-C-D-E method

I currently use the A-B-C-D-E method to organize the priorities for my day ahead.

Which task has the potential to significantly improve my life?

You MUST determine your most important goals and objectives before you start anything.

Place the letters A-B-C-D-E next to everything on your To Do List.

“A” stands for “very important;” something you must do. There can be serious negative consequences if you don’t do it.

“B” stands for “important;” something you should do. This is not as important as your ‘A’ tasks. There are only minor negative consequences if it is not completed.

“C” stands for things that are “nice to do;” but which are not as important as ‘A’ or ‘B,’ tasks. There are no negative consequences for not completing it.

“D” stands for “delegate.” You can assign this task to someone else who can do the job instead of you.

“E” stands for “eliminate, whenever possible.” You should eliminate every single activity you possibly can, to free up your time.

When you use the A-B-C-D-E method, you can very easily organize what is important and unimportant.

Therefore you can focus your time and attention on ONLY those items on your list that can significantly improve my life.


Take Positive Steps Forward

Taking final action is the success point of your whole journey.

You should be doing something towards your goals every day


Positive action is the golden step which needs your total dedication and hard work.

Without doing it, all your planning and visualizing will be wasted!


Be Determined and Decisive

Be motivated to take action to achieve your goals.

Be clear about how to progress and understand the importance of every action you take.

You will notice that positive action every day will help you see clarity in your goals fairly quickly

Especially if you’ve never practiced goal setting and taking action before!

Seeing results will spur you forward…

Taking action is a fantastic feeling,

Especially when it comes in alignment with your dreams.


A Strong Mindset Is Crucial

Finally, having a positive mindset is what pays off.

A strong, determined mindset makes all the difference when reaching out to your goals.

A powerful mindset is like winning half the battle.

A positive mindset, with the right plan and repetitive action on the big, often ugly steps, (not the simple easy stuff)…

Is what will help your dreams come true…

Buddha had a few wise words to help you, “We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves”.

Hope you got a lot out of today’s post…

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See you tomorrow at the same time…

Always Dedicated to Your Success,
Greg Noland


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